Get to Know The Secrets: How to Clean a Commercial Office Building in Easy Way

Get to Know The Secrets: How to Clean a Commercial Office Building in Easy Way

Every business owner or commercial space owner wants their place clean. But how to clean a commercial office building? Yes, not everybody knows the process and rules. A well-managed office building always attracts new clients. And it is also true for any new employee. If your office or commercial building space is dirty and dusty, people might look elsewhere. So, don’t let your business values fade.

Taking necessary steps can ensure an office building looks its best. Yet, there are many ways to clean a space. It depends on a building or office size, number of employees, budget, and other things. For example, co-working spaces are popular nowadays. This type of space has more employees and visitors also. So, keeping these things in mind, you need to plan everything. This article will give you such helpful information to clean your commercial office building.


Some of The Secrets How to Clean a Commercial Office Building


What Are The Processes to Get Qualified for Recognition of Prior Learning RPL in Australia 2

Regular cleaners are good to keep and guide the basic cleaning process at any commercial space like residential. But you have to remember that cleaning a house and office is not the same thing. You will need to clean big windows, elevators, floors, and other properties in an office. And depending on that, you must apply a systematic cleaning approach. So, commercial cleaning service is best to take from experienced service givers.

In Australia, the cleaning professionals who have CPP30316 – Certificate III in Cleaning Operations through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) get more value in this cleaning sector.

Now let’s see some cleaning plans and techniques for a commercial office building. First, you have to maintain a cleaning schedule-

Cleaning twice a year

Not every property needs cleaning frequently. Some items are enough to clean just twice a year. However, these tasks are expensive comparatively and require much time. So, owners of any commercial building need to plan these things. And they should hire professionals for sure. The items to clean are:


-Carpets, mats, runners, etc.

-Applying new floor-finish.

-Checking chandeliers.

-Painting walls, etc.


Monthly cleaning

Every office has some areas, utensils, or items that you must clean monthly. You can do it every 4-6 weeks. Of course, professional cleaners are the best service givers. They can give you exact suggestions on what to clean and how to clean. The tasks are:

-Checking floors to remove wet spots.

-Cleaning wall-attachments

-Polishing wooden or similar furniture

-Cleaning and organizing drawers and cabinets.

-Washing window covers and such things.


Weekly cleaning

There are many things a commercial space owner should take care of weekly. You can guide these tasks to regular office servants to perform appropriately. But to get a healthier work environment, it is wiser to hire commercial cleaners. Items need service include:

-Doors and windows.

-Dusting and wiping of office accessories and electronic items.

-Replacing one-time or temporary items.

-Dishwasher, tissue roll, different dispensers, etc.

Daily cleaning

Daily cleaning is the essential part of enjoying a healthy environment. As a lot of people visit a commercial building daily, it requires a different cleaning service. You can maintain a daily checklist like this:

-Basic vacuum, mopping and dusting.

-Checking garbage bins and replacing garbage bags.

-Do soak cloth cleaning.

-Refiling paper towels, washing liquids, soaps, etc.

-Cleaning kitchen appliances.

-Sanitizing reception, entry area, handles, etc.


Now, here are some cleaning tips for an office or commercial building. This information is helpful both for an office owner and a professional cleaner.

What Are The Processes to Get Qualified for Recognition of Prior Learning RPL in Australia 3


Organized Plan and Approach-

Expert service givers always work systematically. If you are a service taker, don’t forget to hire an experienced team. And if you are a professional cleaner, apply your experience wisely and step-wise. Remember, there are different systems to clean different commercial spaces.


Understanding and Mastery of Exact Tools-

You must have all the necessary tools as a cleaner. But not every worker has proper knowledge of all the tools. Knowing the tools, you use regularly is vital if you are a new worker. It helps you get the job done at a much faster pace. Professional training helps a lot in this regard.


Safe Chemicals-

In the cleaning process, we use different types of powder and liquid chemicals. Along with tool information, a cleaner has to identify safe chemicals. The reason is that harmful chemicals may affect workers’ health badly. That is why knowing chemicals and their use instructions are necessary.


Dust Without Spraying-

The good and old way to dust is to use a dry cloth first. The reason is that spraying may make the dust muddy or sticky. But, wiping objects without spraying water eases the whole process efficiently. Afterward, you can use a wet cloth or spray to finish your dusting properly.


Organic Cleaners-

Organic materials are not harmful to human health. Sometimes professional workers use their own organic remedies while cleaning. The mixtures may consist of vinegar, lemon, baking soda, etc. But whatever the materials are, one must know the proportion ratio.


Cleaning Elevators –

It is one of the essential parts of a commercial building. Elevators not only require cleaning but also need regular system checking. Every day a lot of people pass through an elevator. So, dusting, wiping, vacuuming, and sanitizing should all be done by professionals. So, as a building owner, you need to check these by yourself and your caretakers.

To conclude the article, we can say that cleaning is a step-by-step process that needs thoughtful planning. And this article gives you the overall guideline on how to clean a commercial office building. We hope it is informative to you.

However, a clean office presents a tidier impression in front of the visitors. Nowadays, during the semi-yearly cleaning period, people invest money to re-decorate their offices. So, wise planning and enough time are necessary. You can choose holidays or other suitable days for the longer cleaning processes. And, of course, maintain and revise your plan. But, don’t forget to keep clean and safe outdoor spaces too. Consult professionals and enjoy a beautiful looking healthy office space.

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