Best House Cleaning Checklist for Any Cleaning Business

Best House Cleaning Checklist for Any Cleaning Business

To provide quality cleaning services, you just need to understand clients’ demands and the business module. Following up on a manual checklist will help to make your work easier and meet the requirements for daily tasks. Most successful cleaning service providers have one common thing in their policy, and that is quality service. To make a quick growth in the cleaning business, as an owner, you must note a to-do list to keep tabs on every job and check the quality delivery from your team from time to time.

If you are thinking of making some rock in-house cleaning business, it is best to start the preparation with a checklist. In the checklist, you should include each task under deadline and keep track of whether those are meeting any progress or not. A House cleaning checklist will forge your daily essentials and let other works be done. So, keeping a task management checklist will assist you in performing an outstanding result in your business. Perhaps, you should be more careful while you are clicking for the checklist. Keeping time management and budgeting plan will help to construct the best house cleaning checklist and essentials for any successful cleaning business.

What is The Regular House Cleaning Tasks?

Being a part of the cleaning business, you must be aware of your job responsibilities and make the checklist according to the job pyramid. As there is a number of cleaning tasks and you cannot rush into those at a time. Even if you have a large team, you also need to form up those tasks into a checklist. So, before drawing up a checklist draft, let’s know what regular house cleaning tasks you might need to perform under your cleaning service.

  • Mopping surfaces dust with clean water and sanitize.
  • Hand wiping of the furniture from top to bottom.
  • Clean the dust-off baseboards, chair rails, and door panels.
  • Clean ceiling fans and ceiling dust if it’s in the reach.
  • Vacuum carpets and window sheets as per the demand.
  • Cutting grass, picking dry tree leaves, and cleaning the yards.
  • Vacuum and damp mop floors with cleansers.
  • Wiping dust blinds, window sills, and rock ledges.
  • Dust furniture. Lampshades and pictures frames.
  • Clean mirrors and other showpieces of the house.
  • Make sure to empty all the trashes and put them in the dump truck.
  • Kitchen cabinets and bathrooms overall a deep clean.

Basic Types of House Cleaning Checklist to Plan Before Any Cleaning Job

Regular Tasks List

Before heading to your assigned job, you must schedule your daily to-do list. Put priority or emergency tasks on top of the list and move to the following jobs to maintain the sequences. By this, you can finish one by one job and meet your daily tasks on time. Along with that, a daily job checklist will help to divide your time.

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Crew/Team List 

Always make your crew list and assign them as per the list of jobs. If you are holding an enormous cleaning project, you must follow a team checklist to provide them with group tasks within the time check. Even you can keep track of your workers whether they are delivering quality services on time or not. Record when employees start working and finish through the checklist.

Seasonal Checklist

There are different seasonal cleaning jobs to do. Like in summer, there is the fewer conflict of jobs. Winter gives you some cleaning jobs as those times are very affirmative with hundreds of cleaning jobs, including indoor and outdoor setup and cleaning operations. Usually, you should prepare your cleaning stuff by maintaining time and plan to recruit more staff if necessary.

Cleaning Supplies

One of the important terms of the checklist is to list the cleaning supplies according to their needs. It will be a waste if you plan an over budget for purchasing supplies. It is best to optimize the cost and use of tools and materials as per the regular tasks required. Perhaps, you can reduce the unlimited usages of cleaning goods.

Cleaning Time Schedule

Nothing is as helpful as scheduling the frame of the task in the daily report. You can’t just ask every individual or person about their daily duty to report. It will be easier for you to keep an eye on every assignment from the checklist. Though it will be very time-consuming to prepare the checklist, such a procedure will keep crew members in a format.

Indoor Cleaning Checklist

There are multiple things to handle in cleaning services if you are gestured to do indoor cleaning jobs. From bedrooms to living rooms and kitchen to bathrooms, all go under the category of indoor cleaning service. It would be best if you prepared a different checklist for each part of the houses or buildings. You might need to make profound cleaning arrangements for those indoor cleaning checklists.

Outdoor Cleaning Checklist

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The outdoor cleaning list might look more massive to cover, but it is much easier to fold the cleaning things for outdoor services. At the main time, outdoor cleaning is not very complicated to perform as indoor cleaning has to face. You have to ensure to put all the essential services on your list. Those checklists must contain all the prime duties, time, team selection, and each and everything that will indicate outdoor cleaning services.

Customer’s Payment Checklist

Don’t keep away your clients’ details from the list. It is important to keep all the details of your customer’s information in the checklist. Just tick the mark of your client checkbox when the services are given and the payment is made. Also, mark the checklist of your bad clients or for due payment so that it will be easy to identify the substandard leads from your prior working experience.

Find Context

Any cleaning business should be conducted under a format, and it must continue with a professional structure. Like, follow-ups on the works, crew members, post or pre budgeting, preparing plans, tools, cleaning supplies, and the track on client’s satisfaction or review. To do everything in one single phase, you can start practicing using the checklist for your house cleaning business. Moreover, you can find many e-management tools or software to make your life more comfortable where you can manage everything by sitting at your home.