Facilities of Getting Jobs Through an RPL in Early Childhood Education & Care in Australia

Facilities of Getting Jobs Through an RPL in Early Childhood Education & Care in Australia

Think you are working as a child care department in a hospital or work as a nanny or babysitter in Australia. Then there is a high possibility to earn an Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) accredited qualification for you. It is great to have an RPL in this industry to uphold your career and improve your job promotion. Better salaries are being provided if you have such working knowledge and understanding of taking care of babies. Additionally, the demand for RPL certified employees has a significant influence on the child care job market.

So, it’s better to apply for an RPL certificate if you think you are eligible for that. You can find benefits from the RPL qualification rather than you don’t have any loss to have RPL. So, learn more about the RPL qualification in Childhood Education and Care from this article.

What is RPL in Early Childhood Care?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care helps grow early childhood educators’ ability. It covers to make the approval of learning frameworks in childhood services. Those post-evidences must match the National Quality Standard requirements and The Education and Care Services National Regulations (ECNR) in Australia.

Career Build-up Industries in Childhood Education & Care

NICU’s Nurse: In the NICU, fragile patients like sick newborns and premature babies are professionally cared for by specialized nurses. The babies need to have proper care, monitoring and feeding, and the most experienced, reliable, and trustable person will be hired for this position. An RPL certified nurse is the perfect choice for this job post and prioritizes this professional certificate.

Day Care Center: In the Child care Centers, various children need to care under the observation and monitoring system. Many working parents take the facilities of a daycare center to take care of their babies under the professional nannies in a safe place. So, if you want to get employment, then getting an RPL will make the process more accessible in a Day Care Center.

School Child Care Department: Many schools have a child care department, and it is necessary to have one special care department for little kids and the infant of the teachers and staff’s children. Here in Australia, every school has the most qualified and professional child care attendances. So, most of the schools give the prime concern on the RPL verified supervisors.

Babysitter Agencies: Lots of people now depend on babysitter assistance in Australia. Even the agencies are hiring employees as babysitters and providing daycare services door to door. With that idea, there is an excellent opportunity for you to build a healthy career in the child care department by obtaining one of the RPL in Childhood Education and Care courses.

Personal Care Services: The best part of RPL is starting your own personal child care business by having an RPL accredited qualification. In Australia, every private babysitter or nanny has a very high demand from parents. But having an RPL will update your portfolio to get more clients as your business is certified by RTO.

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Benefits of RPL in Childhood Care Employment

Get a job in Child Care Center: Easily, you can fit in the Child Care Center if you complete one of the RPL courses in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Save money and time: No need to spend years of academic qualifications on the graduation or diploma degree. RPL will save huge money and much time in the certificate assessment.

A career in Australia: All you need to apply for the particular RPL qualification if you are eligible to get one of the certificates in the Childhood care industry.

Well-paid job facilities: For a babysitter and a child care attendance, it is almost identical remuneration for a year. Nearly AUD 30,000-40,000 are getting paid yearly, and for a NICU nurse, it is near to AUD 90000 to 100,000 (Yearly).

Short Courses for Beginners: If you don’t have experience like a professional and want to add these jobs to your career. Then many RTO offers short courses for beginners to learn and earn the RPL in Childhood Education and Care.

Career for Female: A great opportunity is for the Australian female worker to jump into the fantastic job of child care services with the help of RPL because female workers get more preferability than the man in this industry.

What is the process to get an RPL in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry?

Collect your RPL certificates III, Diploma IV in Early Childhood Education with just four easy steps.


No obligation to apply, and also, it’s a budget-friendly process. But, first, child care experience and related skill tests are evaluated by a student agency, and it’s free.


Next is to submit your ‘Experience Portfolio’ and provide relevant documents about the training on child care courses and qualifications. (Such as professional training certificates, photos, videos of the earlier working institutions, prior references, previous qualifications (If any), updated resume, and other documents as per the requirements)


Thirdly, get a qualified assessor from one of the partnering RTOs. They will review the overall evidence and determine if the candidates are eligible in the therapy units for the RPL qualification access.


Lastly, if the RTO assesses you as the right candidate and applicant, all required childhood education and care ability steps will pass. Later within a week, the registered training organization will be awarded a qualification letter based on merit.

These four steps are the initial steps to complete an RPL assessment in Childhood Care, but other requirements and criteria are under-maintained as per the policy.


In most cases, females get a considerable beneficiary to build careers in child care units. For that, they are becoming more and more engaging to collect an RPL in Childhood Education. As this job sector has significant demand and also, this industry is growing too fast. So, it is an easy-going career for women as a well-paid job. You can get one of the RPL courses in the Childhood Education and Care sector to develop yourself. In this article, you already get a proper brief about the certificate III and diploma courses in the child care industry. To know more, you can have a visit to our offered courses in the services section.


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