Get Professionally Qualified! Earn Certificate II in Cleaning!

Get Professionally Qualified! Earn Certificate II in Cleaning!

Talking about personal cleanliness or our homes might be easier but when it comes to organizational cleanliness, professionals are required to step ahead and also must earn a certification to prove their authenticity. In terms of this work field, Australia has been booming to produce professional level certifications for individuals seeking to work.  

Whether individuals work in the industry, want to run their own business, or want to pursue employment, they can acquire the required training to ensure that they are fully compliant and skilled to meet the requisites of the developing cleaning and property maintenance industry.

But, whether an individual has the qualification required for enrolling into a related jobs platform is not an easy task to do. Here’s where Unique College of Technology (UCT) comes into play which has earned reputed market value for providing certifications for such courses all around Australia.

Australian Skills Quality Authority has recorded Unique College of Technology (UCT) as a Registered Training Organisation for delivering nationally recognised qualifications. Unique College of Technology (UCT), practices job-focused training delivered by leading, industry trainers. An exciting tech-focussed approach to training always intrigues an individual.

Traineeship funding is available under the Australian Apprenticeship System, which is the right fit for those currently in employment, in a traineeship, or currently unemployed and looking for future employment in the Cleaning industry.

Certificate II in Cleaning reflects the role of individuals who have a defined and restricted span of cleaning operational skills and basic industry knowledge. They are predominantly involved in routine and repetitive tasks and work under supervision.

Moreover, the Qualify Certificate II in Cleaning Operations is structured to equip individuals with the pragmatic skills and knowledge required to flourish in Commercial and Residential cleaning services.

In addition, the Certificate II in Cleaning Operations qualification is given in an integrated format with pragmatic workplace application.

Furthermore, it is delivered through interactive online E-learning, individual trainer support sessions via phone or web, and on the job application of learning.

The Certificate II in Cleaning Operation course is the right fit for students who take up pre-vocational programs or those in the working platform responsible for routine cleaning work under supervision.

Certificate II in Cleaning Operation gives pathways to Certificate III in Property Services (Operations), Certificate III in Waste Management, and Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

Although there are no entry requirements to get enrolled in Certificate II in the Cleaning Operation course, it is expected that learners will be able to read, speak, comprehend, and write down English to a level needed in the job place.

On completion of the Certificate II in Cleaning Operation course, participants will be able to: plan for safe and efficient cleaning activities, participate in workplace safety arrangements, maintain and restore hard floor surfaces, clean wet areas and comply with infection control procedures, maintain carpeted floors and perform basic stain removal, clean glass surfaces, communicate effectively and provide effective client service and maintain a cleaning storage area.

Certificate II in Cleaning permits a highway to continue learning and work in various cleaning roles and settings involving but not restricted to administration, support and correctional services, health care and social aid, accommodation and food services, education, and training.

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