An Overview of 07 Important Aged Care Services

An Overview of 07 Important Aged Care Services

A career in aged care can be an amazing way to give back to your community. There is a growing demand for skilled care workers who specialise in aged care. If you are serious about a career in this sector, you should have a clear understanding of the most common services in practical settings. 

Aged care is a challenging job. It comes with various responsibilities. It also takes a lot of patience and hard work to deliver the best service to the client. However, it’s also one of the most fulfilling jobs. Through elder care services, you can make a tremendous impact on the lives of others. So there are many individuals who are interested in this occupation. 

Today, we’ll take a look at 07 important aged care services in Australia. After reading this article, you will have a clear idea of the basic services in aged care. You will also get an idea of the main job responsibilities. So let’s go through these services one by one without further delay. 

07 Important Aged Care Services in Australia

The main aim of aged care is to make the client’s daily life easier. There are numerous limitations and problems that occur with aging. In some cases, the client may not be able to perform simple and basic tasks. The care worker should focus on certain aspects to assist the client. Let’s go through 07 important aged care services. 

1. Help Clients with Their Physical Activities 

Senior citizens often have trouble walking or carrying objects. This can be caused by a disease or condition that limits overall mobility. Therefore, these clients may require assistance during movement. A care worker may also help them with daily tasks such as wearing clothes or taking a bath. 

2. Safety of the Client 

The care worker has to make sure that there are no risky objects or hazards in the surroundings that may physically harm the client. Elderly clients are more prone to accidents. Therefore, one of the main duties of a support worker is to provide a safe environment for the client to avoid unwanted accidents. 

3. Assist the Clients to Take Medications 

As mentioned before, senior citizens may suffer from a number of diseases or conditions. They may be prescribed different types of medicines to address these problems. As a care worker, one of your primary duties is to make sure that your client is taking their medications at the right time. 

4. Vision or Hearing Loss 

Senior citizens may also face difficulties with their vision and suffer from hearing loss. The support worker should keep this factor in mind and design a care plan accordingly. For example, the career may have to communicate with the client using clear and simple language. This will ensure that the client can easily understand the career. 

5. Emotional Support 

One of the most crucial aged care services is providing the necessary emotional support to elderly clients. Most senior citizens suffer from loneliness. Many also suffer from depression and other issues. The support worker needs to maintain a supportive attitude and assist the client with emotional support. 

6. Support Clients with Cognitive Impairment 

Many elderly clients have cognitive impairment issues, such as dementia. This can pose a great challenge to care workers, because it’s not always easy to provide services to clients who find it difficult to communicate easily or have poor memory. Care workers try to maintain an easy to understand approach while providing care services for these clients. 

7. Communicate with the Client’s Family 

Communicating with the client’s family is very important when it comes to aged care. This can have a positive impact on the overall mental health of the client. The carer can also inform family members about the client’s condition. It can also help the support worker receive additional assistance from the client’s family if necessary. 

Formal Courses Related to Aged Care Services 

There are numerous training providers in Australia that offer formal individual support courses. The demand for skilled support workers is growing in the country. Therefore, many Australians are enrolling in these courses to obtain formal certifications. You can learn more about aged care services from a course like: 

  • CHC33021 – Certificate III in Individual Support 

It’s best to do some research before choosing a training provider. Always choose a recognized institution, like a Registered Training Organization (RTO). You will also come across different study options. Choose a convenient course that suits your career goals. A formal certification can be a great way to build a solid reputation in this sector. 


The demand for skilled and certified support workers will continue to increase in the coming years. There is a shortage of workers in this field. With the number of senior citizens rising every year, there is no doubt that more support workers specializing in aged care will be needed in the future. 

Aged care is a great way to make a positive impact on society. Support workers make the lives of elderly clients easier and more convenient. They also provide companionship to these clients. Therefore, it’s a very fulfilling occupation. 

If you have any questions about aged care services or related qualifications, please contact us. You can also share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you!