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HLTINFCOV001 Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures

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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to carry out risk management processes, including planning, identifying hazards and assessing risk, and developing and implementing risk controls.

This unit it appropriate for those working in supervisory roles overseeing and auditing the risk assessment process.

Licensing, legislative and certification requirements that apply to this unit can vary between states, territories and industry sectors. Users must check requirements with relevant body before applying the unit

Elements and Performance Criteria for Carry out the risk management process




Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Plan and prepare for implementing the risk management process

1.1 Access, interpret and apply internal and external risk management documentation and ensure the work activity is compliant

1.2 Identify and determine the process to be used for risk management

1.3 Identify, develop and document parameters of the risk assessment task

1.4 Access, interpret and apply the information and data required to complete the risk assessment task

2. Identify workplace hazards

2.1 Identify and confirm types of potential hazards by reference to site circumstances, history and/or precedence

2.2 Establish and communicate to others the process for hazard identification according to workplace policies and procedures

2.3 Undertake hazard identification processes in line with workplace policies and procedures

2.4 Analyse the hazard identification process or parts of the process and prepare written documents to communicate loss scenarios, in accordance with workplace policies and procedures

2.5 Determine and document hazard identification processes in instances of any potential changes to work practices, systems or technology

3. Assess workplace risks and identify unacceptable risk levels

3.1 Identify workers at risk of exposure to hazards and determine the severity of potential harm, including likelihood, risk level of and consequence if the loss scenario should occur

3.2 Contribute to applying techniques, tools and processes to identified hazards to determine and assess risk level or score

3.3 Seek advice from experts and clarify findings which are ambiguous, unclear or of doubtful accuracy in accordance with workplace policies and procedures

3.4 Document the results of risk assessment in accordance with workplace policies and procedures

3.5 Communicate risk assessment outcomes with workers, contract workers, managers and technical specialists

4. Identify potential actions and develop risk controls

4.1 Identify and assess existing controls in place for workplace risks

4.2 Evaluate feasible risk control options using the hierarchy of controls and in line with workplace policies and procedures

4.3 Select most appropriate risk controls for the situation from the feasible options

4.4 Clarify the decision and confirm the selected controls according to own role and responsibilities

4.5 Document selected risk controls, course of action and required resource requirements according to workplace policies and procedures

5. Implement and evaluate risk control

5.1 Implement the course of action plan directly or facilitate through others in accordance with safety regulations and workplace policies and procedures

5.2 Communicate relevant information related to the new or revised work procedures and action plans to all parties in accordance with workplace policies and procedures

5.3 Evaluate requirements through observing the impact of information and implemented action plans

5.4 Coach others to effectively carry out action plans according to own role and responsibilities

5.5 Maintain all written risk management documentation and reports

5.6 Determine and facilitate an ongoing review process over the implementation and application plans for risk controls, adjusting for changes in work environment if required

5.7 Follow-up actions, anomalies and shortcomings with relevant parties identified during the review process

6. Audit the risk management process and complete records

6.1 Conduct audits of risk management processes and work procedures and amend in accordance of own role and responsibilities

6.2 Consult with others involved in the risk management process to identify improvements to relevant action plans

6.3 Respond to changed requirements identified during audits in a systematic and timely manner

6.4 Complete, retain and maintain all written risk management documentation and reports

Foundation Skills for carry out the risk management process

This section describes those language, literacy, numeracy and employment skills that are essential to performance but not explicit in the performance criteria.




  • Identifies and interprets information from workplace procedures, policies, documentation and systems


  • Produces and completes workplace reports, including risk management matrices, using appropriate vocabulary, grammatical structures and conventions

Oral communication

  • Presents information or assistance using industry specific vocabulary
  • Uses listening and questioning to clarify and confirm understanding