5 Best Ways to Make Extra Money in Cleaning Business

5 Best Ways to Make Extra Money in Cleaning Business

Do you want to make more money in your cleaning business? Then you are reading the right article. Here you will know the best ways to make extra money in cleaning business. You can increase your earning by increasing the income streams.

The profit of a business depends on the demand of the customers. As the demand for cleaning is very high, this business becomes very profitable. In the US the hourly rate of a cleaner is $25 – $30. You can even increase the charge if the demand is high in your area. 

We all want to make money. If we can make extra money besides our main income, it is so amazing. So to earn extra money you have to do more work. In the cleaning business you can earn extra money by following some ways. You can add more services to your cleaning business to diversify it for more earnings. Now let’s get into the main discussion about the ways to make extra money in cleaning business. Here are some best ways of making extra money in your cleaning business.

Add A Disinfecting Service

As you want to make extra money in your cleaning business, you need to add some extra services to your cleaning business. If you do that, the customer will pay more than your charge. That will be the extra money.

As this is a pandemic situation going on all over the world, the most suitable service you could add to your business is disinfecting service. Disinfecting and sanitising is so important, people understood that after the Covid19 attack.

If you offer your customer a disinfecting service, he will be so happy as everybody needs to be safe and clean in this pandemic situation. So if you earn $30 per hour, you can earn more $15 by adding this sanitising or disinfecting service.

Provide Additional Services 

Additional Cleaning Services

If you are looking for extra money in your business, you should diversify your business to increase your profit. To do that, the best option is to provide some additional services to your customer. If you add more services, instead of only providing the basic service you will get more profit from your business for sure.

Now you are thinking “What could be the additional services? ” You can add carpet cleaning or many types of hard floor cleaning. You can start by adding this service. As most of the customers have carpet and hard floors at their home. If they need a deep clean of a hard floor, you can provide them.

Window cleaning could be another additional service. It is on demand. You can also provide construction cleaning or power washing. By adding these services you can make more money. This is one of the best ways to make extra money in cleaning business.

Add Residential Cleaning Services 

Residential Cleaning Services

We already discussed two ways. You can also add residential cleaning services to your customer. As if any customer needs to clean his whole residence, you can offer him your service. 

If you add this service you might do some more work in a home environment. So you need to adapt with the environment. For example, you can provide window cleaning, carpet cleaning, wood floor cleaning, hard floor cleaning, post construction cleaning and many more services.

You can expand this residential cleaning by adding pet house cleanup, garage cleanup etc. The more you specialise your service, the more money you can earn.

There is an amazing advantage of residential cleaning. If you clean a house in a residential area and the client likes your work, you might get more work from the same area.

Sell Basic Cleaning Products

As you are providing cleaning services to your clients, you can sell basic cleaning products to them. Housewives need the cleaning products daily to clean dishes or kitchen or any other thing. 

As you are a cleaner, if you sell cleaning products to them they will buy from you without any doubt. You can make more profit. Remember you should sell the basic products like dishwashers, brushes, toilet cleaners. It will be so profitable for you. This will help you to earn more money.

But you shouldn’t sell your working materials to them. It could backfire on your work. Like if you sell high quality cleaning products to them. They will not hire you again. So just sell the basic cleaning products. 

Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Services 

Cleaning Services

 As it is the information and communication technology era, you should promote your services online. It will increase your income in many ways.

You can create a website of your own. Just post your services and rate on the website. You can post SEO contents on the site to get google adsense approval. Then you can earn extra revenue from google adsense. By creating the website, you can have orders online too.

You can make a youtube channel. If you post some cleaning videos on the channel, these can bring you more money. If you can monetize your youtube channel, you can earn extra money from there too. This could be one of the amazing ways to make extra money in cleaning business. 

Making your business digital will help you to get more customers. As nowadays everybody uses the internet, they can catch you online. You can have a specialist for this sector who can help you to make your business big. 


In the cleaning business earning extra money is not a tough job if you know the ways. You don’t have to work more to make extra money. 

There are so many ways to make extra money in cleaning business. Like you can offer gift cards to your customers. You can start a referral offer in your business. It will help you to get more clients. We discussed 5 of them in detail. If you can follow them, you can establish a profitable cleaning business and you can make extra money in your cleaning business.